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We answer common questions that first time transporters, and even frequent transporters, may be curious to know about. The vehicle transportation industry offers a wide variety of options when it comes to shipping vehicles. Browse through our informative database of transport tips to get a better understanding of how the vehicle transportation process works.

Shipping preparation is very important to ensure that your vehicle transportation goes smooth. It is important that you wash your vehicle, so that any scratches, damage, and dents would be easily noticed during the inspection report. Clean out the inside of the vehicle and remove any personal belongings and other items from the front and back seats. Some transporters will allow you to keep some personal belongings in your vehicle during transport, so make sure you ask your shipper about their specific policy.

If your car has an alarm system, it must be disabled before it is transported. You can provide the carrier with a valet, or spare key and hold on to your original vehicle keys & remote. It is also a very good idea to have your vehicle serviced before shipping, to make sure that it is free of fluid leaks and any other issues.

Next you need to consider your transportation company’s requirements, which may vary depending on the transport provider you choose. For instance, some transporters may ask that not more than a quarter tank of gas be in the car’s gas tank. Fold back the car’s side mirrors and if possible, remove the antenna.

The Inspection Report is something really important
; it serves as proof of your vehicles condition in the event that an insurance claim has to be filed. This inspection report will include the vehicle’s condition, mileage, and any visual damage, and will be a significant document to hold on to.